Availability includes structured Monolith, and Corrugated media as well as random packed medias, such as Ceramic Saddles, and Cell Stone® ULTRA random packed saddles.

With so many options to choose from, one is surely appropriate for your application.
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Supplier of Heat Recovery Media for

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers

Media plays an important role in any process application. Cell Stone® has kept pace with increasing demands, making medias in white porcelain to resist acid and alkali or in chemical stoneware bodies resistant to acid. These products are highly suited for the Wood Products, Printing, Wastewater, Fertilizer, Chemical, and Petrochemical core sectors just to name a few.

Our production facilities follow strict manufacturing and firing standards to produce the highest quality products that meet or exceed most international requirements.  Every shipment is inspected before it is loaded and shipped.

Cell Stone®, Inc. distributes site-specific medias.  Our engineers will help you choose the correct media for your application, and aid in optimizing the overall RTO performance.  Our manufacturer's high-quality precision and compositional perfection yield all types of ceramic media including conventional saddles, moderate pressure drop saddles, super low pressure random packed ceramic saddles, or high alumna ceramic monolith.

Cell Stone®, Inc. specializes in the specification and supply of heat recovery media for NEW and EXISTING RTO's. Whether you are considering changing out your media due to plugging, or are looking for additional flow, reduced operating costs or replacing just due to the age of the existing media Cell Stone®, Inc. can satisfy your needs.


In order to minimize overall utility costs for both fuel and electric consumption, Cell Stone® supplies a proprietary heat sink media known as Cell Stone® ULTRA. When used in an RTO, Cell Stone® ULTRA, our patent pending, unique saddle configuration heat sink media, minimize s overall utility costs for both fuel and electric consumption. More.